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26 May

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Coins using the AH (Anno Hegirae) system date from the time in 622 AD when Mohammed "fled" from Mecca, escaping to Medina.There are a few instruments that are displayed that are in collections by other world musicians in the Vancouver, Canada area as well.These instruments have been collected around the world or have been brought as gifts to Vancouver. Due to space restrictions we cannot put sounds up for all the instruments, but there are sounds samples of the free reeds and a few others. We appreciate any and all comments, corrections and feedback that you may want to send us.AD date = approximately 0.97023 x AH 621.57 Here is an AH to AD conversion table.Some early 20 and earlier centuries coins have the full AH date from the start of a new sultanate/ruler only but many of these coins also feature an additional regnal number (year of reign) elsewhere on the coin e.g. Bottom = 1223 (year of accession) Top = 29 (regnal year).