Who is sylvester stallone dating

20 Apr

The Stallone family have been hailed as ‘the ultimate glam squad’ but when Celia Walden visits them in Los Angeles she finds the Oscar contender’s three daughters are power-punching, fast-running tomboys who keep their famous father firmly under control (when he’s not escaping to his man cave to bench-press and paint)…

his was when I was still in my figurative phase.’ It’s another balmy 75-degree morning in Beverly Hills and I’m standing beside Sylvester Stallone contemplating one of the canvases on his living-room walls.

"I told my three daughters they weren't allowed to date until their mid-40s but that's not going down well...

Asked if he is an embarrassing dad, he admitted: "Very. "Everyone at their school is happy to see me but them.

If I'm within a mile of them it's like, 'Dad, can you please wear a disguise?

The film led to five successful sequels over the span of 30 years, with the original eventually being inducted to the National Film Registry.

There’s even a permanent statue of Stallone as Rocky near the now-famous museum entrance.