Who is mandy stadtmiller dating

15 Apr

She has also written for The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, Mashable, Maxim (magazine), Time Out (magazine), The Village Voice, The Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, The Des Moines Register, Playgirl and

gossip columnist/current XOJane Deputy Editor Mandy Stadtmiller describes how a handful of dates she went on with Sorkin wound up inspiring the Oscar-winning writer.

Her TV appearances include Inside Amy Schumer, Nightline, 20/20, The Insider, Dr.

Drew On Call, Jane Velez-Mitchell, ‘”Uncommon Sense with Charlamagne Tha God,” ‘Good Day New York, Red Eye, Katie, The Artie Lange Show, The Joy Behar Show, Howard Stern TV, Fuse TV and VH1.

In a post for the website XOJane.com, Mandy Stadtmiller writes that she is the inspiration for the gossip reporter in the fourth episode of , and promptly slipped him her card. During one of their nights out, Stadtmiller -- dressed in a new Saks Fifth Avenue dress -- told Sorkin about a "takedown" piece she was writing about former Bethenny Frankel.

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The darkly comic memoir “Unwifeable” will chronicle her many dating disasters before she got married to stand-up comedian Pat Dixon in 2015.Whether we do so is probably a question we should ask ourselves before, say, sending that drunk tweet.Which of Brad Pitt's body parts bodes well for Brangelina? Topless Donatella Versace shows us what young Hollywood will look like in old age. Then, someone your own age who didn't spend a few years fucking off mentions their intern. Haha, she's getting her intern via Craigslist, though, so cancel that order of Oh-God-what-am-I-doing-with-my-life.In this vein, an author’s choice to create something confessional doesn’t necessarily mean he or she is any lesser a writer, etc.Also, we’re not so sure there’s a problem with oversharing per se.