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05 Apr

Limbaugh and Rogers, 33, hosted a rehearsal dinner luau for 400 close friends and family at the hotel Friday night and the wedding will take place at Limbaugh's beachfront mansion at an undisclosed time.Rogers told the Post in 2008 that the couple's age gap is part of what makes the romance work. Limbaugh met Rogers in 2004 at a celebrity golf tournament.According to his mother, "he flunked everything," and "he just didn't seem interested in anything except radio." After dropping out of college, Limbaugh moved to Mc Keesport, Pennsylvania.In 1972, he became a Top 40 music disc jockey on WIXZ, a small AM radio station that reached much of the Pittsburgh area.Rogers is director of VIP relations for the South Florida Super Bowl Host Committee.Her job involves showing visiting NFL owners and the Tom Cruises of the world a good time when the next Dolphin Stadium Super Bowl rolls around in early 2010. (interruption) Okay, let’s take a look at what the men have gone through.

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"Rush has such amazing experience." The always outspoken radio talk show host has been uncharacteristically tight-lipped about his wedding plans – posting only a vague note on his website that he would be "out until Tuesday, June 15." He made a plea for privacy in an e-mail statement to the Post.

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It’s as crystal clear as this computer monitor in front of my face.

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