Who is kip moore dating

05 Mar

I saw the crowd of people around him and even though he was being kind, I could tell in his face -- I know that face -- he just wanted to get in his car and go, so I left him alone, but maybe at some point, our paths will cross.10 Times Eddie Vedder's Voice Blew Us Away What do you like best about surfing?

That was really a conversation that we'd have at the beginning, where we'd say, "How many more of these are we going to do?

A little known fact about me is that I once showed up in the background of a television news story carrying a basket of dirty laundry.

The country singer is sitting on a sofa at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles sounding raspier than usual. After each show, he would give a free, hour-long acoustic concert to the fans waiting outside the venue no matter how cold it was.

"The thing learned about Jessica is that she's used to having everything done for her.

She'll take her shoes off in the living room and they'll just stay there for the whole week until I put them away.