Updating interior doors

10 May

The messiest part of the job for the hallway is done.We removed the wallpaper and scraped off cracked and peeling paint on the ceiling.Having white doors in an area with cherry kitchen cabinets, charcoal walls, and black appliances was just going to be too choppy (read more in my post: renters painting tips).Although I really wanted to, I refrained from painting all of those doors black, since we were renting.

It also helps to focus on painting the door fronts first, and come back at another time to do the inside, because you may want to keep the backside white (for example for a pantry, powder room, or a small closet).

The cost for each slab door depending on size was to each.

Since we are updating seven doors, it was a no-brainer to buy new door slabs and do it ourselves.

But until recently, the mess and expense involved served as a deterrent to making that change. Home Story has taken a home renovation that used to take lots of time and involved hiring a contractor, and transformed it into something that only takes a couple of hours or days, depending on the number of doors involved.

Doors had to be cut, planed and then painted on site. "You can transform an entire home by replacing old, uninspiring doors with stylish new doors with almost no hassle, thanks to major advances in technology," Files said.