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26 May

NOTE: Using robot software to mass-download the site degrades the server and is prohibited. First, it would take time to do something that it has already done before, each boot, for no purpose. Please consider a donation to The PC Guide Tip Jar. If the BIOS were to assign resources to each Pn P device on every boot, two problems would result.I wrote such a little cutey ages ago and would like to contribute it to the collection.It just needs a plain DOS environment because it requires free access to port registers (that's why it works in Win9x but not in NT/2K/XP) to wipe the CMOS RAM content.​Reconciliation in Education Day: The work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has highlighted the importance that all Canadians understand the implications of the historical oppression of our indigenous peoples.It is through this building of understanding that Canadian society will be able to have true reconciliation with our indigenous peoples and move forward in creating stronger relationships for a better Canada.Executing some special utilities (like DMICFG), which are sometimes included on CD's that came with a motherboard (for "fine-tuning" BIOS), often causes the same problem — damages the BIOS, even when you had no intention to reflash the flash chip, but just wanted to have a look on what the utility does.Not so popular as Awd Flash, but actually the best one (despite even the problems with some versions when being executed without any switches — see the warning above).

The output of the dmidecode contains several records from the DMI table.

Handle 0x0001, DMI type 1, 25 bytes System Information Manufacturer: VMware, Inc.

Product Name: VMware Virtual Platform Version: None Serial Number: VMware-56 4d eb 70 28 36 a8 c0-08 bb 55 cf dc e6 4f 60 UUID: 564DEB70-2836-A8C0-08BB-55CFDCE64F60 Wake-up Type: Power Switch Handle 0x001C, DMI type 15, 29 bytes System Event Log Area Length: 16 bytes Header Start Offset: 0x0000 Header Length: 16 bytes Data Start Offset: 0x0010 Access Method: General-purpose non-volatile data functions Access Address: 0x0000 Status: Invalid, Full Change Token: 0x00000036 Header Format: Type 1 Supported Log Type Descriptors: 3 Descriptor 1: POST error Data Format 1: POST results bitmap Descriptor 2: Single-bit ECC memory error Data Format 2: Multiple-event Descriptor 3: Multi-bit ECC memory error Data Format 3: Multiple-event Handle 0x0026, DMI type 23, 13 bytes System Reset Status: Enabled Watchdog Timer: Present Boot Option: Do Not Reboot Boot Option On Limit: Do Not Reboot Reset Count: Unknown Reset Limit: Unknown Timer Interval: Unknown Timeout: Unknown Handle 0x0029, DMI type 32, 20 bytes System Boot Information Status: [[email protected] ~]#[[email protected] ~]# dmidecode -t baseboard # dmidecode 2.9 SMBIOS 2.31 present.

Then again it is a burn-in program to be run on unreliable hardware so I wonder if some of the "bugs" are actually hardware problems.

This diskette can also just serve as a plug'n play packet-driver layer for the non-Netware-minded for running WATTCP services like the included IP-printserver and VNCViewer.