Speed dating kl Webcam matures

04 May

After that, everyone mingles, meet people, and try to find the lock and key that match up.For every couple who finds their matching lock and key, they will receive a lucky draw ticket and new set of lock and key, for more socialising.

Disclaimer: The event is not about real dating, but more about making friends so we cannot guarantee that you will find a new lover here, but you never know But come join even if you are taken or maybe in a ’it’s complicated’ stage!Our current member’s age ranges from 25 to 50 years, both Malaysians and expatriates, we are opened to any orientation.“Someone can think that dating events are for losers but it is not true. We are welcoming you to a fun evening where you will get the chance to bond with other international/exchange students (and Swedish of course), make new friends and maybe even meet a potential new lover With every person you get a couple of minutes to get to know each other and then - PING!Swedish Fika, snacks and drinks will be provided - but you are allowed to bring your own drinks if you want🍾🍾 Come join us, so you do not miss out on a great evening with fellow international, exchange or even Swedish students!