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20 Apr

, screening on Sunday, April 6, 2008, at the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, is described as “a moving and complex drama set in Genesis House, a hospice for gay men seeking the way of the Lord and a cure for their homosexuality.” The way of the Lord, however, turns out to feature many more twists and turns than any of those involved anticipated.In the revolves around science-fiction writer Samuel R.To relax the Bragg limitation of the crystal a Galilean telescopic beam compression technique is used in the joint transform correlator.

More details and movie schedules can be found at the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival website.

This paper describes tungsten micro-rod machining using a neutral electrolyte and ultra-short-pulse bipolar current supplied by the electrostatic induction feeding method.

The tungsten oxide layer can be removed by Na OH generated when the polarity of tungsten electrode is negative.

In the Israeli drama , “a young man dying of AIDS sends his mother to find marijuana to alleviate his pain.

This seemingly simple task becomes a painfully complex and increasingly desperate search.” Directed by Dan Wolman, and starring Israeli acting legend Gila Almagor, Ido Tadmor, and Neli Tagar. The story follows two women, a nurse and her nervous-breakdown'ed patient, who slowly end up meshing their personalities.