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02 Feb

You'r awesome and amazing in both singing and acting dancing also I wish that you make another drama and u r the mâle lead as soon as you discharged. stay wellllll Just done watching..was pretty....i totally love TEN character...1st time using google on this kinda suff.....i found myself on this page searching your korean name... In SHE WAS PRETTY , SIWON your character was the best but when you explained on an interview of why you choose to do this character and the drama I left more in love with your character and with SUPER JUNIOR of course SIwon it has been always my favorite member since i discover SJ in 2013.(2013 was when i discovered KPOP ) YOU are so good at acting i can wait to see you in more projects in the future, I'm so surprised based on the family you come from that you chose to be a idol , its so amazing . 3- You made me laugh so hard when I watch She Was Pretty.. the reason why he really enjoyed his character in she was pretty bcz it's near to his real character..ㅋㅋㅋ and i laughed so hard when he touching seo joon's butt in ep 4 (btw he often doing that with sj members), and i almost die in ep 12 when he appeared in seong joon's house with dumb smiles.. Even though I love you from suju and then she was pretty but I'll feel sad since you're going to the military once she was pretty is finish ㅠㅠ but then I'm also happy since I'm trying to go in the military myself ^^ We love you oppa The reason to watch She Was Pretty - Choi Siwon.

When i first discovered super junior I will never forget it , i saw a youtube video that said BREAK DOWN on it, and I click it and after that i have been a fan of SUPER JUNIOR ^.^ . This actor has so much depth in this character and his acting.

These 5 K-pop girl groups are just a few of those who have found more success by ditching the cute.

Chris Wood is a popular actor within the industry who was born with his birth name as Christopher Charles “Chris” Wood.

The entertainment industry is saturated with so many competing groups that finding your own identity is vital to success.

Although some have achieved success by staying true to their original color, it is important for others to change in order to succeed.

Later in the year 2010 he completed his graduation level of education and started portraying his career into the film industry.

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In addition to this he also worked as Adam Weaver within the film named the Carrie Diaries elaborated as a writer within New York City during the very time.

I honestly learnt alot from that movies thanks to people like u and the rest of the crew... I look forward to your new drama coming year, a man first lead with a fresh story concept. but the fact that i love Choi Siwon is another story.

With lots of love, Your Future Wifey Oppa 니가 좋 아 ...were so cool in the movie she was pretty.. Choi-siwon oppa saranghae ❤ miss you so much much much more :') take care of your health during her compulsory military conscription hopefully you finish quickly.

At their meeting, Ha-Ra pretends to be Hye-Jin and tells Sung-Joon that she is leaving for England the next day to study. It brings me goodvibes everytime i hear the thrumping song. it airs now in phillipines i never missed those episodes everyday. The human body is always changing but in this drama character and even intelligence of young Kim Hye Jin disappeared when she was an adult. Loved the main couple To Josey- who said the drama was so boring and every ep was pointless. i dont really know why or how people even find this boring.

Later, Hye-Jin, as an intern at a fashion magazine, meets Sung-Joon who is an editor at the fashion magazine. because she seems like start to fall in love with ji sung joon. I think the character of Kim Hye Jin isn't make sense in this drama. Overall, this drama is highly recommended and it's the best Rom Com in 2015(based on my opinion). A few hysyeric laughs here and there, which i appreciated. Sorry but Josey is absolutely right and it pisses me off. i personally love it so much that i'll probably have no life for a while after this finishes (i'll sit and cry in the corner). If you watch ep 10 scene where Sung Joon talking to her mother's photo.puzzle are shown blurly.carefully the missing part is still blank.mean Sung joon didn't take it from Hari .. I really feel super duper sad that after all he has done for Hye-Jin, she still doesn't see him as a man.