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10 May

I was very skeptical about ordering from them because it's a new store for me, and I'm always worried about sizing.

When it comes to online shopping, not only do I look into their size guides, but I pay careful attention to their models.

We had hoped to correct the problem with orthopedic surgery, but unfortunately, there was too much cartilage damage in the joint, and the surgeon recommended amputation.

She had a congenital deformity called , i.e., the bones on her left front leg were misaligned, and she was unable to put weight on it.Brown-edged potato slices peek through a blanket of gratin, and a mix of frilly salad leaves glistens with homemade Dijon vinaigrette.Hot from the oven, a thin, crisp apple tart has just been kissed with an apricot glaze.Feed a three legged dog a healthy and balanced diet, but do not overfeed her.I'm not the biggest fan of the colour grey, but when I saw this set put together, I was sold.