Sex cam without singing up

19 May

That's because what you don't see on camera is that Ramsay's got bodyguards all over the place to prevent any actual physical altercations. As much fun as it'd be to watch Gordon Ramsay tussle with some young punk line cook named Rocko, Fox doesn't really want anything more than the of violence.

Ramsay's too valuable an asset, and there are also those pesky potential litigations that could stem from a millionaire chef trading punches with some poor schmuck looking for his 15 minutes of fame.

It's vulgar, period," — Tim Gunn in an interview with 4.

"It's not that you hate any of them individually, but it's just that everything they stand for is against everything I stand for.

When Jay Z just basically listed different kinds of cake for what felt like an eternity that was wack, but it technically made sense. But when Jay said that his ".38 revolve like the sun round the Earth" it sounded dope but that shit made no fucking sense. Here it could just be because they're having a bathroom quickie and not even removing clothes, but I prefer to think it's because Kanye's embarrassed about his gut - like this kid Kevin Griffin who used to shower with his shirt on after gym class in middle school, except instead of Kevin, it's Kanye and he's a famous genius.

One student aboard the bus told WDEF-TV that the driver “wasn’t paying attention and was going real fast.” Walker was charged with five counts of vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and reckless driving. The woman who lost a child said that she had complained repeatedly about Walker but that no officials had responded, according to CBS News.

But school officials have found no record of complaints against Walker, said Melydia Clewell, a spokeswoman for the Hamilton County District Attorney’s Office, Reuters reported.

But now that the last think piece has been thoughted, Kanye West himself seems to have moved on to a new album and I've had some time to really digest the project, it felt like the perfect chance to make a comeback.

For those who are new, and as you might have guessed by the title, these aren't lines that are wack, disappointing or even ridiculous. I'm about to earn the NC-17 rating on this post.