Science museum lates speed dating

18 May

The 60 singles at the event could only impress fellow daters by using their personality, and by writing one fact about themselves on their paper bag.

Scientists aimed to discover if, amid the rise of the selfie and the popularity of dating apps based on appearance, people are becoming increasingly superficial when choosing a date.

Come and play with drosophila researcher James Hodge and discover how his favourite insects have shaped our understanding of sex, drugs and music.

Anatomical Life Drawing A life drawing class with a difference. All good questions, especially when it comes to the sex lives of Brits.

Thrill seekers are kept amused with rides on the RAF Typhoon and Red Arrows flight simulators.

If exhaustion sets in, there are several bars and food outlets to re-fuel at.

Mass extinctions are rare, but scientists are alarmed that many species that go extinct may never have been known to science.

More than 99% of all species that have ever lived on Earth have gone extinct.It is the question of romance that has taxed some of the greatest minds: what matters more — looks or personality?Now the Science Museum has sought to answer the conundrum — by getting Londoners to go speed-dating with a paper bag over their heads.They then left the venue — without ever finding out what the other people looked like.Today the participants will receive an email telling them if they have any matches, and must decide whether the personality of their match impressed them enough that they will go out and meet them face to face.