Sarah shahi dating who

02 Apr

I was very nervous because it was big and I wasn’t really in that Shaw state when I was doing it.

I was very maternal and worried about boob milk leaking through my wardrobe.

After Ellen spoke with Shahi yesterday to get her take on tonight’s episode, boob milk, being happy Acker doesn’t have herpes (we’re glad, too!

Three years down the road, Sarah accidentally kisses her at NYCC without really thinking about it. Sarah Shahi: I was six-month post-partum when we shot this episode and it was hard!I was still breastfeeding, so I was pumping every two to two and a half hours on set, and it was a very heavy episode for me so it would take me out of it.But, [episode director] Chris Fisher did a great job of getting me through it, and I hope it turned out well!SS: The fans, I think they deserved to see some of that chemistry, and they deserve to see the kiss, and they’ve been along for the ride for a while, and they’ve been very patient.