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20 Apr

Read interesting profiles and look through friends, family, pets, hobbies and more. Image Gallery: Video: Similar articles: Additional images: What do you think about "free new european dating site": 45 % female profiles- created mostly by scam organizations with the single aim of financial fraud. -25% male profiles - created exclusively by the Nigerian scam organization with the single aim of financial fraud -30% untrue male profiles, usually partially true and partially very misleading - created by dishonest unscrupulous men usually in order to take sexual advantage of women Most part of the scam on the Internet is done by the 2 major scam organizations, the one in Russia, near Kazan, in the republic of Mery El and the African scam group, operating in Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Cote d'Ivore, etc.Yes, most of the cheated victims are men, definitely, but not always - first of all there are women who get cheated by the African bouncing check scams, and secondly there are women who get cheated by dishonest men, who talk about love and romance but in reality are just cunning sex-tourists.On the contrary, you are safer online than in a bar because you have control of the situation and can make informed decisions.Honestly felt like a naughty school girl skipping lessons for a over. You believe in love and romance, but you haven’t met the man of your dream yet ...

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If the man becomes suspicious the “lady” just disappears. Obvious differences are that they will have profiles of black ladies as well as white. They use many different approaches and they constantly devise new ways - org An unfortunate fact is that Nigeria is known as the capital of the scam industry and the ways and means that are used are to numerous to mention.

70% - American men 28% - men from western europe or other locations 2% - women Why American men fall victim to scam more often?

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