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16 Apr

The group will also take the stage on Saturday at the Oxegen Festival in Punchestown, Ireland.Taylor Momsen is reportedly dating Paul Weller's son.TM: We write for ourselves, we really don’t think of an audience or having — who knows if it’s even going to come out. You just try to write something that’s good and makes you feel good, and is quality. BP: Who is Garth Brooks alter ego [Chris Gaines] when he went on ‘SNL’ and he had the black haircut?When you write something good there’s no better feeling. You put it out into the ether and see what happens. I don’t have some alter ego and some other name like, I’m going to get into this zone now. TM: I know who you’re talking about, drawing a blank. Not that Garth Brooks isn’t an amazing songwriter in his own right. Taylor Momsen and Ben Phillips from The Pretty Reckless with us on the show. Of course celebrating the success of this latest record, ‘Going to Hell’ and the No.‘Loudwire Nights’ host Full Metal Jackie had a chance to catch up with The Pretty Reckless’ Taylor Momsen and guitarist Ben Phillips, and they spoke about the recent success, the formation of the group and finding their sound. What’s the most noticeable evolution of that creative relationship between albums? TM: Yeah, it pretty much clicked pretty immediately. Serj from System — the singer is obviously the star of any band, so even though it seems it would be different because there’s a celebrity in the band it’s really the same as any other band.Check out the interview below: Loudwire Nights, Full Metal Jackie here. TM: The biggest thing is I’m older from the first record. BP: I had a band and it was produced by a guy named Kato [Khandwala] who is our producer. Ben, I think it’s safe to say you’ve got a hot chick singing for you guys. What does that give you an opportunity to do both onstage and off-stage? I like to say that if I asked you who the drummer for System of a Down is, would you be able to give me the name? I personally, it allows me to do nothing which is really why I got into this. Taylor, your musical role models are predominantly men.

BP: When we met, the thing that clicked with everybody is that when you’re looking for a band — when Gene Simmons puts in an ad in the back of ‘Rolling Stone’ or whatever — you’re looking for people who are like-minded. TM: Well, I met Kato and then through Kato I met you — BP: She heard the band and went, well I’ll just be the singer of that band and write your songs [laughs]. That’s got to be something that’s considered key in songwriting to be able to have it relate to anybody.

for about two years, and then got off the road and were pretty zonked. Move on and come back to it later, because we really wanted to capture the magic of the performer. In ending this [tour] cycle, [I got] home to my house in the middle of nowhere and was going, “Who am I?

Ben, the guitar player, and I, we write all the songs and the music. There’s no better feeling than finishing a good song and sitting back and playing it like, “Shit, I just made that! It’s three minutes, or however long the song is, of sheer and utter bliss, and then complete and utter hell because then you go, “Oh shit, I gotta do it again.” I guess what we really wanted to do differently on this recording was we really wanted to create an organic experience … For example, if I was going to sing a song one day and I sang it once and it wasn’t working and it wasn’t clicking, there was no, “Try it again! And for the first time, we brought in outside musicians ... ” and feeling very lost and confused and — I hate to use the word "depressed" because it sounds so heavy but ... I’m working on a book right now, not an autobiography.

Natt also posed for photographers alongside Momsen and his 20-year-old sister Leah., but has been invited to return for guest appearances.

The Pretty Reckless are currently in the midst of a European tour that will see them stop in Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon this week.