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22 Apr

The website explains the factors it uses to practice “conscious mate selection“: “1) religion and faith 2) values 3) Vitals 4) domestic jurisdiction 5) the economic characteristics 6) social features 7) psychological characteristics.” The BBC notes that applications for the site ask users for age, marital status, parents’s occupations, and other social status qualifiers.

It does not ask any questions that describe the users personality, such as taste in arts, music, film, or hobbies.

Iran hopes 100,000 marriages will occur thanks to the website in the next year.

The Iranian government applies strict Sharia law, and dating in the nation’s capital Tehran is a risky venture.

Not only because it is the Persian New Year, but based on the solar calendar, frankly it makes the most sense.

They cannot browse the profiles of other users and are at the mercy of an assortment of “clerics and professionals of good standing in their communities” once they submit profile information.Economic factors, such as high youth unemployment, are also blamed for rising marriage ages – currently 30.6 for men and 26.7 for women in Tehran.Religious families also blame western cultural invasion for eroding traditional values in a country where, even for young adults, the family is core; most singles live at home.Zohre Hosseini, project manager for the matchmaking website, acknowledged that young people faced difficulties."We don’t claim that we are solving all the problems," she said."But the problem we are tackling here is that of finding a partner." Although online dating sites are banned in Iran, around 350 operate illegally.An Iranian bride waits for her groom during a mass wedding ceremony at the country's grand hall in Iran's Interior ministry building in central Tehran August 19, 2007.