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03 Feb

The machine should have been allowed to cool for 12 hours, but was only left for two.

David Mayes and Ian Erickson were unaware of the full danger as they crawled into the oven because fans had cooled its outer reaches to 40c. The repair was a delicate procedure in which they had to collect broken parts from along the length of a conveyor belt which carries bread trays slowly through the 75ft-long oven.

He died from 80 per cent burns and multiple fractures.

The tragedy occurred because the Harvestime bakery in Leicester put productivity above safety, prosecutor Anthony Barker QC, told Leicester Crown Court.

And no, not just about a group of rich moms in Northern California.

But this story has not been told so much with the words the characters are speaking, but in the music that they’re listening to. The songs chosen for this show are speaking volumes.

If you are looking to go paperless with your receipts and like the idea of having a service do the hard work for you, check out Ernie Svenson's post on Shoeboxed.

Scanning receipts sounds just as easy considering that your i Phone is always with you when you get those receipts.

"I was able to secure a family of patent rights on the fold, the method of folding, and the machine which folds it, which I built with an engineer," he recalls. To make complex cities accessible and understandable, as UNFOLDS do so well, it is critical to establish a visual hierarchy that enables the eye to rest and absorb the cartographic data in stages.

"The folded package turned the maps into a sexy accessory." Last year Mo MA announced adding 26 of the UNFOLDS pop-up maps into the museum's collection. "The map shows you everything at once," Van Dam says.

I have had the Shoeboxed app on my i Phone for a while now and had intended to try it out, and then I read that my friend, New Orleans attorney Ernie Svenson, has incorporated this app into his daily life.

Thus, instead of me doing a review after a week or two of usage, let me refer you to Ernie's excellent and comprehensive post.