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24 May

I'm in a situation where my users want to edit a record in a Grid View and one of the fields they will be editing is an uploadable pfd file.

I have the Grid View inside an Update Panel and a field's Edit Item Template has the Async File Upload control.

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That does sound like it could work, but I was trying to avoid declaring the event handler in the markup.Find Control("div View Address On Map Alert"), Html Generic Control) Dim View Address On Map Alert Timer As Timer = Direct Cast(selected Row. Find Control("View Address On Map Alert Timer"), Timer) Dim Latitude As String = "" Dim Longitude As String = "" Dim Parent UC As Label = CType(Parent. Below is my code, please help "sort" Then Dim index As Integer = Convert. Command Argument) Dim selected Row As Grid View Row = Address Grid2. To Double(IDstr) Dim lbl Address On Map Alert As Label = CType(selected Row. Visible = True Exit Sub End If Is Primary = 0 End If If chk Active E. Rows(index) Dim IDCell As Table Cell = selected Row. Find Control("lbl View Address On Map Alert"), Label) Dim div Address On Map Alert As Html Generic Control = Direct Cast(selected Row. Checked = True Then Is Active = 1 tr Validate Address From Grid. Checked = False Then Is Active = 0 End If str Valid = Validate Address From Grid(tmp Address ID, e) If str Valid "" Then lbl Address Output From Grid.