04 Feb

Turnout tends to be around 50 per cent, and it only takes a small plurality to win — last year, Kanhaiya Kumar won the presidency with 1,029 votes, about an eighth of the electorate.

Die Kranken Pflege Schule ist auf dem Klinikgelände ausgeschildert und befindet sich hinter dem Krankenhaus.The major intra-campus political issue of this election, of every election in the past decade, is illustrative.Ever since the university increased the number of overall places offered in order to compensate for OBC reservations, there has been a chronic shortage of hostels — so much so that the JNU prospectus no longer carries the words "residential campus".The Recovered Addict is a former substance or compulsive behavior addict who has managed to beat their addiction.They have managed to go through the rounds of rehab and withdrawal and come out the other side without falling Off the Wagon immediately after.