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03 Feb

It is reasonable to presume because of their profession and parental status that they are somewhat responsible individuals.

Their willingness to participate in the survey suggests their behavior does not shame them, on one hand.

Internet technology has changed life as we know it, and in doing so opened a vortex of sexual freedom. Anyway, I asked 200 married couples about Internet Sex.

For the once isolated klukaphile (sexually aroused by action figures), other klukaphiles are just a Google search away. All of the participants had been married for at least ten years. They were upper-middle-class and at least one member of every couple was a professional (MD, Ph D, Lawyer, Screenwriter, Director, Producer, or Engineer).

"However, SL attracts imaginative, creative people who want to engage in interactive storytelling, and erotic play is a powerful facet of that.

I deliberately left the last question blank to see what people would write in.

With somewhere between 6,000 and 8,000 nerve endings (if you're keeping score, that's almost double the amount of nerve endings in a penis), you can get a lot of feeling out of your clit.

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