Dr drew39s lifechangers interracial dating debate

30 Apr

Drew's Lifechangers about this special episode they've got coming on tomorrow afternoon.

I'm not sure how they got my email address, and I'm not sure if I want to know... Drew addresses the very controversial topic of interracial dating.

(The Ethics of Interracial Marriage) So yes, interracial marriages can potentially be harder, yet we have to avoid the conjecture that it absolutely will be harder as well as the notion that because it may be hard, it should be avoided. It can be physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually draining. How should you deal with a family that is rejecting you, or your significant other, based on ethnicity?

The show airs in Los Angeles, and they are looking to shoot on October 20.

I stress “potentially” since often it is assumed that people of different ethnicities are automatically opposites.

When engaging the topic of interracial dating, we must recognize that no ethnicity is monolithic.

Drew and Lifechanger Paul Carrick Brunson (first and only African American male matchmaker) facilitate a debate between African American men and women .

In the second half hour, the battle continues to heat up when a full audience of African American men and woman share their thoughts on interracial dating.