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30 Apr

Bin dominant, aber sanft und gerecht, und habe ein großes Herz.

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This exchange implies that the submissive has chosen to put the Dominant’s needs and wants before their own, and that the Dominant has chosen to care for their submissive so that they can be safe and happy in that role. If it’s not, it’s usually referred to as “lifestyle,” meaning that the D/s mentality extends past the bedroom and into other aspects of a couple’s life.

Sexual D/s is what people think of most often, if they know about this sort of dynamic at all.

Typically, people think of one party ordering about another. If a Dom asks their sub to suck them off, the sub will do it.

There are punishments for disobeying, and more so than threat of punishment, subs should know better. The submissive’s need to please comes from a place deep within themselves, much similar to the middle-school yearning to be part of the popular crowd.