Demi moore dating black man

10 Apr

The couple have been dating since early May, when they met at a movie premiere.

In the last month they have been spotted enjoying romantic dinners in New York and at the LA restaurant Dolce, which Kutcher co-owns.

Demi Moore was a familiar face to those who witnessed the prominence of Brat Pack films in the 80’s, and who can ever forget her clay-smeared romantic scene with Patrick Swayze?

Do you remember her as a steaming seductress, or as a tough girl with a buzz cut?

Now - to the chagrin of Willis, who fears his ex-wife's fondness for toyboys may set their three daughters a bad example - she is dating a 25-year-old.

Miss Moore's youngest beau so far is Ashton Kutcher, a little-known actor who was seen canoodling with the star of the films Ghost and Indecent Proposal over a late lunch at the Ivy restaurant in Los Angeles at the weekend.

She grew up believing him to be her biological father.

Her husband Bruce Willis was eight years her senior.

With the news of her plans to file for divorce from husband Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore has notched her third failed marriage in what appears to be a steady stream of serious, monogamous relationships.

The 49-year-old actress, born Demetria Guynes in New Mexico, adopted her now-famous last name from her first husband, Freddy Moore, whom she married in 1980, when she was just 18 years old.

Charles left Virginia after two months of marriage and before Demi was born.

Her birth name was believed to be Demetria, but the actress herself confirmed on Twitter that it was just Demi, and it was based on a hair product her mother saw on a magazine.