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12 Apr

Shanghai sperm bank can make your i Phone 6s dream come true," says the ad which has gone viral on China's most popular social networking app We Chat this week.

From Xinhua: Capitalizing on the country's lust for new technology, the sperm bank hopes to fix a shortage in donors ahead of the release of the i Phone 6s next week.

One of the most recent dating ideas involves sticking a paper bag over your head.

This new take on speed dating makes you pay attention to a person's personality instead of their face.

I spent my teenage years in an area near Liverpool ( for those of you that are interested it’s called the Wirral – most people haven’t heard of it and think I’ve made it up, but trust me it’s real).

As the majority go about their day in the office or out on the work site, they dream of challenges far greater than those they actually face: wrestling with the always-broken photocopier, or hunting down the biggest pair of deluxe barbecue tongs available on the market.

Each participant is allowed to draw or write whatever they would like onto the bag as a conversation starter.

Even though it seems weird, people seem to enjoy it!

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