Dark caven chat room

16 Feb

i am a cool guy and I love just to hang out and chat with people all the time.

To fly we need to find our second half, tight together and rush into the life, full of joy and happiness. It is not a problem for me to communicate with different people. Expert in all aspects of controlling your fetish desires, role play fantasies and perverse requests. Welcome foot and high heel fetishists and those wanting to become footslaves.

To explore the cave, the player types in one- or two-word commands to move their character through the cave, interact with objects in the cave, pick up items to put into their inventory, and other actions.

The program acts as a narrator, describing to the player what each location in the cave has, the results of certain actions, or if it did not understand the player's commands, asking for the player to retype their actions.

is a text adventure game, developed originally in 1976, by Will Crowther for the PDP-10 mainframe.

The game was expanded upon in 1977, with help from Don Woods, and other programmers created variations on the game and ports to other systems in the following years.