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23 Feb

How many hosts ever actually compete on the show they host, after all?

That said, I’m fine if Harrison never goes through with it.

Part of that may have been timing, said Harrison, who insisted that “I actually love Charlie,” but revealed that O’Connell wasn’t in a good place emotionally and said they kept their distance while filming.

“He was, now self-admittedly, in a difficult time in his life, a little tumultuous,” explained Harrison.

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison has presided over the rise and fall of countless relationships across three separate franchise shows (four, if you count The Bachelor Pad). Well, Harrison is finally opening up to talk about his dating life, at the moment.

In an interview with PEOPLE Now, Harrison declared, “I truly couldn’t be happier in my life right now.” With that said, Harrison admits that his career takes a bit of a toll on any potential love life, as it would for just about any 45-year-old who works and travels as often as Chris Harrison. I’ll have three suitcases on my floor, and I come in and I drop one and pack the other one.” Harrison would go on to open up about why his friends are so important to him, as well as some of his fears for the future. You can watch the interview with PEOPLE Now by checking out the video below: I kind of wish the interviewer had asked if Harrison would ever agree to be The Bachelor.

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On the one hand, I don’t imagine he’d accept the gig for all the money in the world, if offered.

He just doesn’t seem like the type of guy who’d want to go on the show.

On the other hand, I think a potential Chris Harrison season of The Bachelor could be the most fascinating bit of reality TV in years.

The longtime host of ABC’s dating show made the surprising admission while cohosting Live With Kelly on Friday, February 17, after Kelly Ripa grilled him on his least-favorite Bachelor.“This will just ruin my life for the next month,” the 45-year old joked, before 'fessing up.

And while Bachelor Nation widely considers controversial season 18 star Juan Pablo Galavis to be the most-hated Bachelor ever, Harrison said it was actually 2005’s Bachelor Charlie O’Connell, who starred on season 7 of the reality dating show, who rubbed him the wrong way.“So here’s the thing, after 15 years, 30-some odd people that have been through this show, there are people I get along with better than others,” said Harrison, before naming O’Connell – whose actor brother Jerry O’Connell frequently slips into the Live cohost seat beside Ripa — as the one person he just didn’t “meld with” on their journey to find love.