Black baby boomers dating

05 Mar

Among younger people there is even broader acceptance of interracial dating: 94% of those born since 1977 say it is all right for blacks and whites to date.

There have also been striking changes since the late 1980s in how people of different races view black-white dating.

Everything Zoomer – If you live in Canada, you’re going to love Everything Zoomer. For example, today, they have an article entitled, “Older Adults Need to Step Up Their Efforts to Avoid Scams and Financial Problems.” Visit Boomer Consumer.

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A report by Sparks & Honey, a US advertising agency (it is invariably ad agencies which try to fix labels to people), describes this generation as the "first tribe of true digital natives" or "screenagers".It’s been a decidedly ugly day for stocks and other assets perceived as risky while assets viewed as havens soared.On Thursday, it suffered the second-biggest price plunge in the 44 years the aerospace giant has been public.So, to help you sort through the options, I have prepared a list of some of my favorites.Of course, you are also welcome here on Sixty and Me, one of the largest communities of baby boomer women in the world. As the name suggests, they focus on issues related to consumer products, particularly those for boomers and seniors.