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19 Apr

Avast Pro Antivirus interface is designed with the standard color scheme with simple menus and self-explanatory signs made to resemble Windows or Android OS interface elements.

There are three main security screens for security features and general functions: The Web, and file system.

So, it will notice and eradicate any potential hazards attachments, e-mails, messages download links in social networks, etc., and ensure all the presently downloading files or even sent from your computer to protect you and your friends.

Some issues which arose previously in the browsers of Windows XP have been fixed.When it comes to free antivirus program for Windows, Avast Antivirus is one of the leading and trusted security software with acceptable set of features.In addition to all features, Avast Antivirus Free is compatible with the latest Windows 10 as well.Like other reviewers it found trojans the big guy did not.It does not suck the life out of a PC, nor does it delay startup by a half hour with no way to stop the AV process's scanning memory, boot sectors and the like. I have it installed on the 3 kids PC's plus my wifes. I don't like the code updates as they pop up annoying messages but for free, this really is a good product.