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16 May

E., The Gill Aharon Trio, Jesse Malin, Faun Fables, Reverend Glasseye, The Insect Fable, Steve Smith, Martin Bisi, Face of the Sun, Violent Femmes, Gentlemen & Assassins with Sxip Shirey, Elyas Khan and Phillip Boa He was also a prominent member of New York City's cabaret punk orchestra, The World/Inferno Friendship Society (having toured, written, and recorded with them in 2008–2009).

"I spent every possible hour jamming with my friends up in our attic from the time I was in the fourth grade through when I graduated high school. " At sixteen years old, Viglione began playing gigs in clubs with bands around New England before moving from New Hampshire to Boston in 1999.

The album is made up of new songs, old demos and b-sides from the Yes, Virginia sessions.

A startling companion album to an old fan favorite, No, Virginia is ripe with the incredible songwriting by which the Dolls are defined, and presents some of their best playing yet: Palmer’s piano may literally be turning to dust from the strength she uses to bang on it, while Viglione’s drums carry every melody on their sturdy snare snaps and chaotic cymbal crashes.

In addition to his various recording and touring work, he also gives drumming workshops to help participants develop personal creativity on the instrument and has lectured at Harvard University, RISD, The Boston Day and Evening Academy, Brian Viglione was introduced to the drums by his father on Christmas Day at age five with his interest quickly deepening at age nine when rock music became a primary focus and passion.this article: I want to describe amanda palmer, half of art-punk cabaret-rock band the dresden dolls, in a way that makes her seem like something exotic, but truly, it’s hard for me to think of amanda palmer as exotic: i know her too well.january 2007, viglione co-starred in the american repertory theater's production of the onion cellar, in cambridge, massachusetts. Viglione also played drums on the Nine Inch Nails album "Ghosts I-IV" in 2008 on a drum kit he built on site out of scrap metal and found objects. He starred in the American Repertory Theater's 2007 production of "The Onion Cellar" and performed in Addicted To Bad Ideas: Peter Lorre's 20th Century with The World/Inferno Friendship Society in 2008.