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02 Feb

She hates diplomacy and is never mean in her approach. She is quite the independent one and to try to pin her down to one place is futile. She craves change and although she can make her man’s life more beautiful, she does not stick around long.If she once decides on her lover whom she considers admirable, she can prove to be a great mate given the respect and freedom she deserves.You see any of us can be in relationship with each other, the question is not are we “compatible” but instead: “Are we willing to do the personal, emotional and spiritual work necessary to forge a union that is nourishing, loving and compatible for us?”In this inaugural essay of “Will it Work” we are going to get a birds eye view into the Aquarius-Scorpio dynamic and see what creates what western astrology has called “incompatibility”.Aquarius is progressive and affable yet does not enjoy detail.Scorpio may be enticed by their differences, as Aquarius shows them new, exterior worlds but may end up frustrated trying to get answers from this eccentric enigma.Both Scorpio and Aquarius are likely to be intrigued with their partner’s love nature and general characteristics. He is stubborn and self controlled and dominates his life and cannot be lead anywhere he does not wish to go.

To attract Scorpio, display action and a promise of adventure filled dates. Don't use any tricks, games or try to fool the Scorpio. Charm and sweet talk are not the way to an Aquarius lovers heart.

Both signs of the zodiac are determined to create the life they want.

Aquarius is loyal but will never surrender completely. Scorpio is intense in the bedroom, and sex between these lovers will be enjoyable. This lover is passionate in sexual relations, and will explore sexual areas where Aquarius has never been. If they commit to a relationship, Aquarius can learn to engage in a steady and structured life.

Even though the reality is, each of us is infinitely more complicated than our sun-signs.

Different aspects and placements in the chart will create different impulses that will generally extend beyond the scope of this analysis. They are aware that they have emotions, they just don’t value them in the same way they value the intellect. They want adoration, to be possessed, affection; things that the Aquarian personality does not give out routinely. And let it go is just what the the Scorpio will not do.